Avionics and Interfaces for Flight Simulation

What are Bezels?

Bezels allow you to create a more realistic looking panel by overlaying the monitor with a thin board of some kind of material with cutouts for the instrument to show through. On this panel you then attach Bezels to simulate a realistic looking instrument panel.

What material are they made out of?

They are made from polyurethane resin hand cast into molds.

How do I attach them?

This is depending on the material you want to attach them to. We suggest a medium to thick super-glue, epoxy glue or silicone glue.

What types of Bezels are available?

Round 72mm1

72mm round

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There are 2 basic shapes, round and square in different sizes. Plus there is a special bezel for the HSI and a 3-part engine gauge bezel.

You can download  sizing charts in 1:1 scale here:

All Bezels are about 5 to 6 mm thick.

Round Instrument Sizing Chart    Square Instrument Sizing Chart

This will help you designing your panel and in the selection of what bezels you require.

You can see a complete list and packaging information in our online store.

If you require a special size, we can produce one-offs as well. One-offs are CNC machined from ABS. Any quantity larger than 2 would justify making a mold and casting them from polyurethane. Send us an email to discuss your requirements.