Avionics and Interfaces for Flight Simulation

This add-on contains a GPS unit that has been designed to match our Panel Builder EFIS Frames. It has the same functions has our MFD GPS Add-On plus a simulated TCAS feature, NavAid icons and additional map layer customizations. You can use a mouse, trouch screen or map the buttons using our ButtonMapper program.

  • Configurable features
  • Configurable colors
  • Fully resizable
  • Zoom Function
  • Tuning of NAV Radios from GPS
  • User configurable add-on feature layers (SHP)
  • Online Background Map (OpenStreetMaps)
  • World-wide Navigation Database
  • Moving Map with ‘North Up’ or ‘Track Up’ Display
  • Nearest Airport/NDB/VOR/Waypoint
  • Direct to Airport/NDB/VOR/Waypoint
  • Airport Information
  • Flight Planning with flight plan database  (no STARs or SIDs)
  • Auto Pilot Link (Direct To and Flight Plan)
  • Simulated TCAS function (uses AI traffic from simulator)
  • Update GPS Database using a Navigraph FMS subscription
    (download Nav DB Updater)
Flight Plan

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