Avionics and Interfaces for Flight Simulation

Below are photographs of completed Flight Simulators using Panel Builder.
(Click on photograph to enlarge)

If you want your simulator shown on this page send us an e-mail. Add the photograph as an attachment and include some details describing your simulator.

Panel Builder Video


Air Training Corps Brize Norton, UK

Cessna C340 Simulator, X-Plane 10.20 (Outside)

Grob Tutor Simulator

3DOF Motion Robinson R44 Simulator

Dave Lidgley’s Simulator.
Microsoft FS2004 with Panel Builder, Saitek and own Hardware.

Generic Simulator by Mark Dawber, UK
X-Plane 10 with EFIS Panel Builder

AS350 (Squirrel) , Shawbury, UK
Prepar3D, Panel Builder with AS350 Instrument Set

Roberto, Italy
X-Plane 11 with Panel Builder

Peter from The Netherlands’ simulator with
MSFS2020 and Panel Builder (Combo)

Chipmunk Simulator, X-Plane 10.20

Cessna C340 Simulator, X-Plane 10.20 (Cockpit)

Alfred’s (Vienna, Austria) B58/B200 simulator (work in progress).
Microsoft FSX with Panel Builder and Panel Builder EFIS Add-On.

Matthew Myatt’s Baron 58 Simulator.
Microsoft FSX with Panel Builder, Saitek Hardware.

Shawn Lund’s Simulator.
Microsoft FSX with Panel Builder

Flight Simulator X Plane 10 Panelbuilder.
Built by Marcos Ariel Sanchez from Argentina.

Ikarus C42 Simulator by AirBourne Aviation, UK.
FSX, Panel Builder with C42 Instrument Add-On

Generic Simulator by Gene.
Panel Builder
Panel Builder Add-On A2A C172
Panel Builder Add-On A2A PA28

Brian, South Africa (Commercial Pilot)
Panel Builder with Beech 1900 Add-On