Avionics and Interfaces for Flight Simulation

This information is provided to assist you with Panel Builder upgrades. Make sure to follow the procedures to receive the correct upgrade for your version.

For a list of what’s changed, click here.

Panel Builder & EFIS Panel Builder Version 2.15.0 Update Information

IMPORTANT: If you have any Instrument Add-Ons, you need to update them as well!

ATTENTION: Panel Builder 2.15.0 uses Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0 Runtime.
On most computers only the Microsoft .Net Framework Client Profile is installed by default. Please verify that you also have Microsoft .Net Framework 4 Extended installed. Go to Control Panel / Programs and Features to verify.
If you don't have it installed, you can download and install it from the Microsoft Website:

ATTENTION: Panel Builder Interface for Prepar3D V5 and Microsoft FS2020 uses Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8 Runtime.
If you don't have it installed, you can download and install it from the Microsoft Website:

Note: Users of EFIS Panel Builder prior to Version 2.7 need to re-activate it. Just enter the previously received activation code in Step 2 of the activation process. If you cant find your activation code, go through the whole activation process again starting with Step 1. See the User Manual for more information.

Notice to X-Plane Users
: The X-Plane Interface is using a new version of the C++ runtime (2019). You will be prompted to install it, make sure have the check boxes for both 32bit and 64bit versions checked.

Updating from Version 2.1 or greater

1. Uninstall Version 2.1 or greater using Windows Control Panel (all parts including add-ons and interfaces!)
2. Download the appropriate Trial Version from the Downloads Section
3. Download any instrument pack add-on updates from the Instrument Add-On Update Page.
4. Download any aircraft add-on updates from the Aircraft Add-On Update Page.
5. Install Trial Version.
6. Install updated add-ons.

Don’t forget to update the Interface as well, not just Panel Builder.

The previously saved activation code is preserved (except for EFIS Panel Builder, see above note). Any built panels are also preserved and will be available in the new version.

Updating from Version 2.0

This version cannot be updated to using automatic updates. It also requires a new activation code. Here is how to update from 2.0:

1. Un-install Version 2.0 using Windows Control Panel
2. Download and install the demo from the Downloads Page
3. Request a Serial number from RC Simulations stating this is an upgrade from Version 2.0
4. After receiving the Serial Number, start Panel Builder and go to Configuration / Enter Activation code to start the activation process

Any built panels will be retained.

Don’t forget to download the new user manual from our downloads section.

Older Versions require the purchase of a new Panel Builder License. The discounted  price upgrade period has ended.

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